• The What, Why and How of Cyber Security and Essentials

    A report published by the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) showed that a very large 80% of the common cyber attacks could be prevented if organizations implement some basic security measures in place. Cyber Security and Essentials helps the organizations implement those security basics.

    The Origin Story

    Back in 2012, the UK government came out with an online program called ‘10-steps to cyber security’. To begin (doing something) it was very successful. Facing cyber threats by any organization so they secure themselves by cyber security. However, the only major analysis that the program received from the industry was the lack of a security standard for them to decide whether or not they had obeyed the 10 steps recommended by the Government. After due careful thinking and taking inputs from industry leaders and experts in the field, the UK Government came out with the Cyber Essentials. This was a new standard that would lend the organizations the faith in their ability to fight against cyber attacks.

    What is Cyber Essentials?

    Cyber Security and Essentials, in its essence, is a playbook for organizations to maneuver their way through the cybersecurity landscape. The scheme is the brainchild of the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) of the Government. Organisations can apply for a Cyber Essentials Certificate or a Cyber Essentials Plus Certificate. The only difference between the two is that in the case of the Cyber Essentials Plus Certificate, independent experts verify the degree of cyber security and essentials of the organization. This certainly adds to the value of the certification.

    How Do Cyber Essentials Help?

    Cybersecurity is a burning topic among organizations.  To stay at the top of the game Cyber Essentials helps businesses in many ways.

    1. Better Business

    With cyber attacks getting more common and more severe than ever, consumers are looking for businesses that can promise them better security of their data. unknowledgeable, so that they can make an informed choice when choosing their service provider. In fact, a Cyber Essentials certificate has become a required needed thing to be thought about/believed for some government contracts.

    1. Better Compliance

    Cyber Essentials provides an excellent baseline for organizations to create policies, erect infrastructure and build processes to meet the stricter compliance environment in the UK. Whether it is GDPR, DPA 2018, HIPAA, or any other regulation related to cybersecurity. Organization’s compliance journey is a good point to start with Cyber Essentials.

    1. Better Focus

    Businesses can create increasing and sustainable revenue sources, only when they can focus on their core activities. However, if a business is often damaged by cyber attacks, there is no way its management can keep its focus on the business! They will be left firefighting all the time. Cyber Essentials helps them plug most of their basic security confusing double-meaning so that they can focus better extremely important parts of their business.

    Cyber Essential is an excellent example of a group effort between the Government and the industry. It is highly connected to the digital landscape in which the businesses need to run today. They give the much-needed guidance and a big driver in making cybersecurity a normal way across the organizations.

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