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September 27, 2019

Emotet, ‘a destructive malware for ...

Blogs | data privacy

Business can't be at peace, until and unless cybersecurity threats are roaming around the internet. There is no relaxation for companies regarding their data security because whenever a virus dies, it comes back with new and immense destru ... READ THIS POST

September 13, 2019

Enterprises forming cybersecurity alliances

Blogs | Cyber Security

Our globe is scattered into many categories. But, when talking about cybersecurity, it only has two main divisions, the Physical world and Digital world. The physical world is running by different governments, whereas the digital world has ... READ THIS POST

September 12, 2019

Is it possible to eradicate ...

Blogs | Cyber Security

Despite innumerable cybersecurity measures, the cybercrime economy is thriving, and the list of losses due to breaches is even getting lengthier. There must be something which the cybersecurity industry is doing wrong. Improvement is re ... READ THIS POST

September 4, 2019

Why agencies must prioritize tackling ...

Blogs | Cyber Security

The cyber globe is becoming contaminated, by every passing day, due to never-ending cyber attacks. A scenario happened a couple of years ago, witnessed by millions, also fueled up and created a deteriorating situation. It was when the Obam ... READ THIS POST

August 20, 2019

Education Cybersecurity Policy Is A ...

Blogs | Cyber Security

It is crucial for schools to have a robust “Education Cybersecurity Policy”. Is it just a piece of news or an alarming situation required much attention? Well, it is news and also a situation to be tackled diligently. Cybersecurity in t ... READ THIS POST

May 10, 2019

Data Security Controls: Primary Objective

Blogs | data privacy

Recently, the Management of information security emphasized on the security controls, comprehension of critical principles and highlighted concepts of data classification, change management/control, and protection mechanisms. These termi ... READ THIS POST

April 26, 2019

Exporting UAE Healthcare Data And ...

Blogs | data privacy

UAE Healthcare Data Law has restricted domestic use and banned exporting healthcare Data. This law No. 2 was issued in March 2019 and was concerned with the Use of Information and Communication Technology in the Area of Health. It curbs the ... READ THIS POST

April 23, 2019

EDPS Report On The Investigation ...

Blogs | GDPR

It has been heard that the EU has commenced an investigation into contracts Microsoft. The primary purpose of probing this institution is to assure that data is processing through compliance with GDPR. The European Data Protection Superviso ... READ THIS POST

April 10, 2019

2019 Trends Concerning Cybersecurity And ...

Blogs | Cyber Security | data privacy

Every New Year brings new trends of development in the cybersecurity and data privacy policy. The state legislatures have tightened the noose for the organisations and decided to keep the ball rolling for privacy policies. Likewise, in 2018 ... READ THIS POST

February 14, 2019

Effects Of Brexit On Data ...

Blogs | GDPR

With Brexit day approaching near, many organisations are asking for help in preparation of Brexit Data Response Plan in case of no deal Brexit. Based on the guidelines provided by the ICO and DCMS on data protection some of the main pros an ... READ THIS POST