Former Head Teacher Fined €700, For Breaching Personal Data Of Old Pupil On Server On New School

A former headteacher has landed himself in a tough situation by downloading personal data of his old students. He has been accused by UK’s data watchdog for breaching personal data without having any reason.

In actual he downloaded data from two different primary schools on a USB stick then transferred it to his new workplace where he was appointed as a deputy’s head.

After six months of his service at the new school, an IT audit revealed that he had transferred a large volume of sensitive personal data of his former students.

ICO said that the teacher had no reason to process that data, it means his act of breaching personal data violated the data protection laws. He did not give a valid explanation as to how the data is transported. Stating that he had deleted the information from his USB stick.

Harrison was fined £700 and told to cough £364.08 in costs and a victim surcharge of £35.

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