Germany Shook Facebook On Data Privacy

There is a thought in Germany to restrict the mishandling of user data from Facebook which it collects from the third party apps, and the regulators are working on it keeping the legal implications in the view to make them comply with data privacy act.

Last month it is observed that many third-party companies like Netflix and Apple have access to the huge amount of Facebook’s user data plus they can also read-write and delete personal messages. Another incident reported that how WhatsApp which is owned by Facebook was sharing user’s payment information. The problem is that there is no transparency to the users when Facebook profile integrates with a variety of other services.

It is expected that Facebook will be provided with some type recommendations and a timeframe to implement those changes. Though Facebook is denying any overreach but with a huge fine of €10 million for the failure to comply, they might not resist that much in future. Fine is around £9m or $11.5m according to current exchange rates.

With the wakening of GDPR and its rules regarding the data privacy is forcing media companies to take explicit consent from users while collecting and provide them with a right to refuse the collection.

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