ICO Maiden Fines To The Organisation For Not Paying The Data Protection Fee.

Organisations providing services and construction are amongst the first sectors to be fined by the ICO for not paying the data protection fee.

All the organisations must have to pay the annual fee to the ICO if they process personal data unless exempted. Otherwise, they could be fined up to £4,350.

They are fined for not submitting their fees contrary to their expiry date. ICO has issued more than 900 notices of fine has been released since September, and more than 100 notices for a penalty are issued on the first hands.

The feeses are used for the protection of information rights such as complaints regarding breached, investigating and providing recourses to the organisation for helping them understand what the obligations under GDPR are.

Paul Arnold, Deputy Chief Executive Officer ICO, said:

“Following numerous attempts to collect the fees via our robust collection process, we are now left with no option but to issue fines to these organisations. They must now pay these fines within 28 days or risk further legal action.

“You are breaking the law if you process personal data or are responsible for processing it and do not pay the data protection fee to the ICO. We produce lots of guidance for organisations on our website to help understand the obligations under GDPR and decide whether they need to pay and how they can do this.”

For the complete story click on the ICO News.

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