Mobike Faces Probe On Collecting Excessive Data Under GDPR.

Mobike the bike sharing company of China is under investigation by the data regulators GDPR in Germany over reservations that the company is not in line with European data protection law. Mobike’s idiosyncratic orange bikes become very common in 23 cities across Europe including London, Paris, Madrid, Milan and Rotterdam. The company claims that they have more than 200m customers worldwide. Mobike now faces a potential set back after Berlin data protection watchdog that they will review the data protection and privacy policies.

They have asked for a written clarification from the bike company. Under the general data protection regulation GDPR the regulator has the power to fine companies if they are found of any irregularity and breach. The question is that whether the car and bike sharing company are collecting data via the mobile app that is essential to use the services, and also includes the location data when the customer is not using the app.

For no EU service provider, General Data Protection Regulation GDPR poses another challenge as it imposes furthermore restrictions and conditions over the transfer of data outside the EU. For example, Mobike sends its data to China.

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