Report Claims There Are 59,000 Data Breach Notifications Since GDPR In Action

The report claimed that almost 65% of the data breach notifications are from the Netherlands, Germany and the UK which are 15,400, 12,600 and 10,600 respectively.

The latest survey conducted by DLA Piper claims that there are about 59,000 personal data breaches reported since the General Data Protection Regulation came into force on 25th May 2018. But the report still has some ambiguities, and the number could be greater than what reported and can push for more fines.

The report found that 65 per cent of the breach notifications made between May 25, 2018, and Jan. 28 originated from the Netherlands, Germany and the U.K.—the three countries that had the highest number of reported breaches with 15,400, 12,600 and 10,600, respectively.
DLA Piper Partner Patrick Van Eecke said in a phone interview: “One of the reasons, we think, is that because of the GDPR legal system … you typically notify in the country where you’ve got your European HQ,”
He further said that the Netherlands is mainly a headquartered location for data centre companies which is the main reason for the higher number of data breaches.
Still few countries are unable to publish the report on data breach notifications.

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