Tis The Cyber Scam Season

Can you imagine that the season of holidays can also be called as a season of “cyber scam”?
Well, at this time of year, people in every corner of the world are celebrating. Christmas and New Year are the symbols of joy and tenderness.

But, not everyone has the capability to share the same sentiments. During these holidays, people spend their prime time with their family and friends. However, cybercriminals and scammers increase the ratio and sophistication of their crime.

Their main agenda is to spoil innocent people’s happiness just for their own gains.

They take advantage of their social engineering and use techniques to hunt victims’ emotion and feelings. Fundamentally, they convert this season of bliss into a season of theft, of both money and personal information.

They try to complete their hideous plans and think that they might go unnoticed. Try to protect your valuables and do not rely on others.

This content is generated just to help you to protect yourself from such scams. Here are some of the most common holiday cyber scam.

Look-alike websites:

Always select legit sites to shop online. Do notice the URLs, using the name of well-known brands containing some extra characters and words with them.
In website address always look for “https” and a lock symbol in the web address, which is an indication of security.

There could be some misspelt words, websites requiring your personal information and offering you prices that are low compared to the actual rates.

Mostly, you deal with original websites but, these frauds can hit.

Fake shipping notifications

Suppose, you did not order something, but still you get some free shipping notification, what this could probably mean. Yes, it is a cyber scam so you must exercise extra caution.

You can receive invoices with high price tags, for the things you didn’t actually order.

One more technique that fraudulent use is, sending you emails containing malware and offer you to shop free.

Such emails can have attachments or embedded links, and when you download them, your personal data will be hacked.


Fancy holiday cards, from or for friends and family, are the most significant ways to show love and affection.
However, someone can privilege from your sentiments.
There are two red flags, and you must act wisely first if the card does not have the visitor’s name or its not clearly written second if it requires you to share your personal details to get the card.

Emergency scams
You can get emergency calls, that any of your friend or family member is in a hospital or got incarcerated and demands you to send money. Say a clear “NO” to such scams. Contact the respective person’s family and try to get details meticulously.

Otherwise, you will most probably greet a scam in your very next move. If the incident is confirmed, try to use traditional methods to share funds.

Phoney charities
At this time of year, the tenderness level in people stays high. You can receive fake charity emails, social media pages, and even text messages. No matter what, verify that the charity program/organisation is legal before transferring any funds.

Do not rely on the links the emails contain; the best way is to go to the company’s site and donate directly to it.

Unusual forms of payment:

be careful, if anyone asks you to pay for holiday purchases using prepaid debit cards, wire transfers, third parties, etc.

This transaction can be a fraud, as they cannot be traced or undone.

Consequently, purchase from legitimate retailers that take traditional forms of payment and do not forget to receive receipts.

Swiping Safely
You must deem to use your credit cards as compared to your debit card. Because many companies offer fraud protection on scam transactions. They also render financial security if the card is lost, stolen or misused.

For transaction better go to a bank and use ATM inside the building or at least inspect the ATM for card skimming devices. Go for a transaction, if something looks out of ordinary if there is no bank opened.

Your Responsibility and Actions to Take
Holidays are the most amazing time to spend with your family and friends. The time you share with your loved ones is unforgettable and incomparable.

Therefore, do not let any fraudster steal your pleasure time from you.

Here, you must act responsibly in the meantime. Report without taking a moment, if you find something suspicious around you, whether it is related to merchants, banks, charities or any enterprise.

Also, file a complaint to your local law enforcement or FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center. Implement on all the above-mentioned steps and make joyful vacations not only for yourself but for others as well.

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